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The yellow from the egg
The last team you need

Crafting eggceptional
digital products.

We're a studio for artisan digital design from Berlin with . We are your passionate partners, accompanying you from
ideation to launch

We're all about diving into the nitty-gritty details of finely crafting the perfect
visual language
that truly reflects your brand. Simultaneously, we ensure it's dead user-centric and checks off all of your business needs – they call it great UX.

And when it comes to the
tech side
our wizards have it all covered – from information architecture and implementation to hosting and beyond. Let’s fry!

How we work

ideation & planning

We're experts in creating a wide range of online experiences. Whether it's a sleek, minimalist website, a complex and feature-rich platform, captivating animations, or interactive user interfaces, you name it, and we'll bring your digital vision to life. No project is too small or too big; we're here to make your online presence stand out.

design & implementation

Be it web design, screen design, or UI design: We commit to pixel perfection. Whether you're looking to embrace the latest design trends or opt for a timeless, classic style, we can craft a visual language that aligns with your vision, whether it's based on existing designs or a brand-new creation.

Our work

Berenberg Verlag



Stegreif Orchester


Helmut Luck

Ein Ding der Moeglichkeit


Neue Rituale

Haft DDR

Saniye Yoga


Team Papenburg

Common Questions

Yes, we do — better than English 😉. However, since we are working with international clients, we have decided to adopt a more 'general' approach. We also prefer working in our mother tongue. So, please don't hesitate to write to us in German.
Our network is a constantly changing group of professionals we like to work with and admire for their work. By partnering with them, we can be professionals at what we do while also offering a wide range of services. We shape-shift to meet your requirements, creating a custom-tailored team for your custom-tailored product."
tyfte is an acronym for »The Yellow From The Egg«. This is a literal translation of the German saying »das gelbe vom Ei« which refers to the egg yolk as something very positive. So, we are the good stuff and make the good stuff.
Well, who likes those mysterious cookies, which I agree to a hundred times a day, right? That's why we developed our site without the need for cookies. We implemented cookieless analytics, and did all we could, to avoid this annoying cookie banner – all on a legal basis of course. But since it's gone, suddenly we miss it a little bit …
Our products come with a decent amount of SEO. However, if you want to take it to the next level, we can reach out to our network and bring an SEO superprofessional onto the team.
While this is not our core service, the people in our network are. Just drop us a message and let us know how we can assist you.
Yes! We love to support your team and are very interested in getting to know your team and delving into new topics and contexts.
Just let us know how we can assist you.
We enjoy working with modern technology that offers a great development experience and strive to continually explore how to improve when new tech emerges. So our tech stack adapts with time. We are committed to making the 'inside' of your product as polished as the outside. Currently, we prefer working with Tailwind for CSS questions. Statamic seems to be a solid choice for custom projects that require flexibility. Webflow can be a powerful partner when your requirements align with their limitations. Alpine.js is a valuable tool for quick frontend JavaScript. Do you have something specific in mind? Feel free to ask us.

Contact us. For projects and anything else.

Anything else